Mandated and Company Benefits

Member should notify the employer within fi​ve (5) calendar days after the start of sickness or injury.
  • This shall be paid only for the first four (4) pregnancies including miscarriage
  • Member should have at least three (3) posted monthly contributions
It’s a cash loan granted to an employed, currently – paying self-employed or voluntary member. It is intended to meet the member’s short-term credit needs.
HMO Insurance Plan


probationary & regular employees

NOTE: Details will be available by 2nd week of February
Service Incentive Leave


5 days leave with pay are given to employee who is at least 1 year in service.


Pay out date is every 1 & 16

  • 14-28 for payout date 1

  • 29-13 for payout date 16

Overtime Policy

We have an existing policy wherein employees are required to file their overtime.

*Submission of Overtime form is until the last day of Payroll-cut off (which is 28 &13)
Holiday Pay Policy

For Regular Holiday/Legal Holiday

  • If the employee did not report for work, he/she shall be paid equivalent to 100% of his/her daily wage. Only if the employee reported for work prior to the said holiday

  • said holiday For worked regular holidays, an employee shall be paid equivalent to 200% of his/her daily wage. For Special non-working Holiday

  • No work, No pay

  • For worked special holidays, an employee shall be paid equivalent to 130% of his/her daily wage.