Communications Media and Technology

The emergence and convergence of voice, data, cable, IP, and wireless obliges communication providers to meet competitive consumer demands and leverage technology for constant innovation. That is why BSD continues to innovate itself with groundbreaking technology to cope up with the fast-paced, aggressive industry without compromising customer service excellence and cost-effectiveness.

Over the years, BSD has gained comprehensive understanding of the pressures, demands and technological evolution in the telecommunications industry—assuring you seamless and flawless execution of our services and procedures in the technology sector.

BSD has numerous partners in the media industries where we are focused on providing locations and cultures ranged to the present cable and media industry trends. Our development in this industry has accelerated over time as we concentrate on making a core competency and depth of experience in the industry, designing solutions that meet our clients’ distinctive requests, and upholding the flexibility to support the variations that come and go in the industry.

Our VOIP solutions are what you want.

BSD’s VOIP solutions help clients and companies reduce their expenses or to across supplied environments without compromising the quality of its services. If you are looking for the top in supporting remote or off-shore telecom routing configurations to representatives and/or virtual contact centers, our local VOIP and IP systems are what you are looking for.

Services such as soft phone features essential to execute dialing, disconnecting, putting on hold, transferring, conferencing and other phone utilities are also inclusive within our set of efficient solutions that we have shaped throughout our years in this industry.

BSD offers complete and thorough termination services to businesses such as telephone companies, call centers, contact centers, VOIP carriers, and IT service providers. We have established a durable, vast network of premium routes, POPs and servers to certify every ITSP client can relish first-rate voice termination in both local and accessibility-challenging places. With our IT team's skills, knowledge, and industry experience, our voice termination solution for service providers emerges as an industry leader. BSD offers a first-class SIP origination service as well, which includes toll-free DIDs.

Clients choose us because of our:

Superior voice services and quality

Simplified methods of communications

Cost-effective solutions

Services that improve operative proficiency
BSD aims to keep you and your customers satisfied by matching you up with a brilliant plan unique to your demands and necessities that gives you the technology and voice quality you need.