BSD is the industry trailblazer when it comes to BPO and customer support. We aid you in delivering services that maintain and strengthen customer loyalty, harness the power of data to maximize the value and life cycle of each customer, and convert operations to accomplish excellence—in both business and service.

Our client roster is inclusive of some of the world’s greatest telecommunications firms, providers of data, messaging and wireless data. Equipped with experience, flexibility and knowledge, we guarantee world-class services to your end user, be it customer care, technical support, and back-office processing support functions. BSD operates in every major segment of the industry and at every point of the customer life cycle with over 5,000 brilliant and cordial agents. Our technology, procedures and practices are not the only things that make us stand out as the best in the industry, but most importantly, it is our people.

We are the BPO vanguard

Operational analytics

Lucrative solutions

With us, you can be assured of customer satisfaction, amazing and improved customer experience, and cost-effective solutions.

Technology innovation

Flexible engagement models

High level of customer satisfaction

As the leading company in the BPO industry, we deliver an outstanding model that covers both back-office processes and front-office customer contact center. BSD prides itself in its brilliant and efficient outsourcing and off-shoring services and solutions which are being used by numerous businesses worldwide, specially made to solve and support their unique needs and services.

We simplify multifaceted, end-to-end BPO services that aids in enhancing our clients’ productivity and efficiency while bringing measurable and brilliant results.

BSD is dedicated to the different industries it serves and leverages a combination of process proficiency, domain expertise, global delivery, and revolutionary technology. What ranks us as the best firm in this industry are our: