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retail and ecommerce

Retail experience has transformed in the digital era as the rise of communication avenues has changed the way businesses interact with their clients. Long have we said goodbye to the brick and mortar structures as we evolved to communicate through phones, e-mail and chat. BSD follows the trends and innovation the digital age offers, ensuring effective communication, transmission and processes.

Here at BSD, we possess the best people, innovative technology and unparalleled expertise that definitely guarantee client satisfaction. With us, we share your vision and understanding of a great customer experience. We can address all of your customer experience goals efficiently, while constantly making improvements and evolving into a better partner for you.

BSD’s unique approach has enable it to manage clients' necessities end-to-end, supporting customer care outsourcing with research, analytics, process improvement, and back-office processing to enhance their bottom line while being cost-effective. We deliver customer service through phone, e-mail and chat, handle all customer inquiries and provide order management.

Our services include:

Customer Care

Sales Support

Technical Support

Retail Analytics

Multi-lingual Support

Back Office Support

Reputation Management

Finance & Accounting

BSD is your ideal partner as we are one of the most leading companies with cutting-edge technology, well-trained and brilliant agents and years of undisputed experience in both traditional and modern retail.


Here at BSD, we understand that financial establishments struggle with the threats they face day by day: waning client loyalty, increasingly demanding customers, and escalating rivalry from non-traditional providers. With this, we ensure you that the services our agents and contact centers will ease you from the burdens of these problems.

BSD facilitates carefully calculated and strategic services in the finance sector which embody vital qualities for you: cost-effective, innovative, flexible, and risk-controlled. We provide outsourcing and off-shoring solutions tailored accordingly to the requests and needs of banks, which in turn generates efficient processes, improved customer experience and significant savings even in such a volatile sector.

  • Customer Care
  • Sales Support
  • Technical Support
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Back Office Support
  • Receivables Management
  • Analytics

Backed by our unparalleled support and expertise, BSD will transform how our clients record time and attendance, and redefine the importance of HR and these elements to your business.


We live in a digital age where every business has to be online—whether to collaborate, connect with customers, or gather available data. Imagine a business that still hasn’t raked in the benefits of the web in this era. If your company is struggling in going online, then BSD is the right partner for you.

Our team is familiar with the ins and outs of the web, and has the needed skills and experience that will help your business achieve your goals, and even beyond. Every client has precise and unique requirements, and every business differs. This is why our research and analytics services are made uniquely according to our clients’ needs, guaranteeing that every requirement is delivered efficiently, smoothly and at practical costs.

With BSD’s services, we can help clients better understand and familiarize with their customers’ necessities and preferences. Besides that, BSD also assesses the client’s performance on social media, and helps in solidifying their presence in the cyberspace.


Data collection and management

Content enhancement and management

Data collection and management

Social Media analytics


BSD aids clients in turning data into useful information, and information into profound visions. Our data outsourcing services offer tailored research reports and be assured that with us, the results will be more than you asked.

Human Resource

We know that Human Resource isn’t easy; it’s complex, pricey, and dynamic, and the stakes are high. But with BSD’s strategically and cost-controlled pioneered HR BPO, this will not be your problem anymore.

The HR department coincides with many areas of any business: benefits administration, time and attendance, talent management, even payroll. But with BSD as your partner, you can expect lower costs for HR staff, infrastructure, and technology, improved general global operations, the best global technology platforms in the industry, and lower disclosure to risk and submission regulations. BSD offers the most advanced and profitable HR BPO services in the industry. Our HR BPO services also utilize exceptional analytics to produce visions that drive better, faster choices that result to excellent outcomes.

Our HR BPO services comprise the entire employee lifecycle from Recruiting and Onboarding to Employee Separation. Our experience, efficient services, smooth processes, domain expertise and cost control speak for us, as we provide specialized HR solutions such as:

Recruitment process outsourcing and staffing

Workforce administration

Talent management administration

Benefits administration

Compensation management

Payroll outsourcing services

Employee help desk services

Backed by our unparalleled support and expertise, BSD will transform how our clients record time and attendance, and redefine the importance of HR and these elements to your business.